Get outside and top up your Endocannabinoid system in the most healthy and inspiring of ways.
Get back to nature and reconnect back to the planet we all depend on.
Don’t forget your Vaporiser and favorite herb.

You will need:

  • Access to the green outdoors

preferably a wood. Please look at Shinrin Yoku the Japanese art of forest bathing and the benefits that gives.
We have expanded on Shinrin Yoku because we live in the 21st Century and want to explore the connection to the planet in a modern way.

  • Hydration Backpack

We have found that keeping hydrated during an ActiveBlyss session is one of the most valuable aspects of the program. It is well known that we do not hydrate enough and during the forest bathing aspect of ActiveBlyss the addition of copious amounts of H2O helps the body connect to the environment you are relaxing in.

  • Headphones

We find the connection to music enhances ActiveBlyss no end. Whatever your favorite Rhythm is give it a go.

  • Vaporiser

We find the whole ActiveBlyss process is enhanced and turbocharged by the addition of favorite herb. Please give it a go.

What is Forest Bathing?

Feeling anxious or stressed? You could try 'Forest Bathing' 🌳🌲(Via BBC Radio 5 live)

Posted by BBC on Thursday, 16 November 2017

Our 5 phases of ActiveBlyss

We have found that splitting your forest journey in to stages helps with the whole program.

Phase 1

We start our journey at a slow pace absorbing and meandering through the rich environment. Take a look at things, examine the whole area slowly and steadily wonder!
Breathe in Deep – let the mix of Phytoncides (Aromatic volatile substances produced by trees) enter your body.
Relax and just contemplate the nature around you, the entwined existence of the ecosystem.
Listen – take the time to really attune to the sounds of the planet around you – feel the wind.
revel in the atmosphere.
Remember to drink – take big deep gulps and feel the water flow through you.

Phase 2

Pick up the pace – at this point we like to put on our favorite tunes and just get lost in the mix. A good set of headphones is invaluable here. Feel the music and connect to the environment you are in and feel the past we have all come from.
Depending on your mood enjoy with #ActiveBlyss with Classical or Dance. But the choice is yours choose whatever is your favorite rhythm.
Let your self go – feel the music and express it in active dance, you will release endorphins and feel the energy of life flow.

Phase 3

When you are half way through your Journey take out your favorite Vaporiser and sit or lie down – look up through the trees to the sky above.
Prepare your Favorite herb and vaporise – feel the clean, natural essential oil vapour flow through your body. Take time to absorb your surroundings.
If you are using the Firefly 2 vaporiser or one that actively promotes deep breathing keep the rhythm of your breathing going when you have finished vaporising and take lung fulls of clean air.
Just revel in the feeling and feel the moment.
To get really in the spirit take of your boots and socks and get tactile with the earth – touch the leaves, hug the tree – feel the planet around you.

Phase 4

Leave your headphones off and keeping the active pace going step through the forest and let your mind wonder on the more ethereal aspects of life. Enjoy the free thinking time. It is great for Blue skies thinking.
Work your body with an active pace and keep drinking.

Phase 5

As you approach the end of your journey slow the pace down, look at the world around you from as many different perspectives as you can. Lie down, Look up, Get in close, Get up high, enjoy.

Wind Down

When your journey is finishing take 5 longs deep breathes and relive the 5 stages of #ActiveBlyss.
But remember you are unique and change your approach to #ActiveBlyss to meet your needs.
We allocate 2 hours for the Experience and find it incredibly beneficial and stimulating.

Give it a go.

Let us know your story.