CosyBylss is finding a comfortable space, a place where you can sink back and feel secure. A place where you can put on some relaxing music or your favorite TV or grab a book, whatever you want.
Unplug from the grid- switch off the tech, relax and let the world flow on by.
Take the to unwind and feel the natural vibe the herb allows you to find.

  • We believe #ActiveBlyss creates the physical center
  • We believe #LovingBlyss creates the emotional center
  • We believe #CosyBlyss is the afterglow you get from being physically and emotionally centered

We are absolute believers that physical exercise in the great outdoors creates a physical stimulus that activates the important functions of the body. We also think this coupled with your favorite herb brings a new turbo charged dimension to the effects. Mix this with the emotional connections and relaxed focus the Bylss methord encourages and your Mojo is restored.

We urge you to connect back to the natural past and explore the opportunities the Cannabis Staiva plant provides to the modern world.
As one of the great Guru’s of the last century saidCarl Sagen - Mister X
“We’re in very bad trouble if we don’t understand the planet we’re trying to save.”
He also experienced enhanced creativity from Cannabinoid use.
Carl Sagan
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