History of Cannabinoids as a medicine

Cannabis has been used as medicine for century’s. One of the first plants Humanity cultivated was Cannabis Sativa! The Chinese began around 4000 B.C growing the plant for seeds and fibers.
It is chronicled in the oldest pharmacopoeia known – the pen-ts’ao ching. It’s uses included for conditions such as rheumatic pain, intestinal constipation, disorders of the female reproductive system and malaria to name a few.
The Indian’s described it as one of five sacred plants. They used it for many conditions including analgesic (neuralgia, headache, toothache), anticonvulsant (epilepsy, tetanus, rabies), hypnotic, tranquilizer (anxiety, mania, hysteria), anesthetic, anti-inflammatory (rheumatism and other inflammatory diseases), antibiotic (topical use on skin infections, erysipelas, tuberculosis), antiparasite (internal and external worms), antispasmodic (colic, diarrhea), digestive, appetite stimulant, diuretic, aphrodisiac or anaphrodisiac, antitussive and expectorant (bronchitis, asthma).

Traders across the world introduced the plant to different areas during the middle ages. Historical evidence has been found in Europe, Africa and the Americas during this period.
In the 19th Century two advocates Willian B. O’Shaughnessy, an Irish physician, and Jacques-Joseph Moreau, a French psychiatrist populrised it’s use in western medicine.
Queen Victoria is known to have used it to relieve period pain.

The decline started in 1928 when Cannabis was made illegal in the UK. It followed on from an international drugs conference in Geneva when an Egyptian delegate convinced everybody that it was a threat to society and as dangerous as opium. The United States, as the result of a campaign of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, the Marihuana Tax Act law was passed in 1937 saw use decline. This was accentuated by William Randolph Hurst who at the time was a mega media mogul. He invested in tree plantations to produce wood for his papers. Paper produced form Hemp was a major threat to his business as is the way now he started the biggest fake news campaign of the era.

The idea of Reefer Madness was sown and has stayed with us until reason has started to resurface and the evidence points clearly at the major benefits of a well regulated and liberated cannabis market.

Watch this space.