We have developed the #LovingBlyss method as an antidote to the world of porn that is sweeping the world but not helping relationships. We believe in deep connections, by blending several ancient techniques for enhanced love making. Be it Tantric sex, conscious sexuality or Eastern yoga styles we have taken the best elements and woven them in to LovingBlyss. Take your time this is NOT a Wham Bam session as stimulating as those can be.

You will need to:

  • Relaxing Space
  • Create a relaxing space with room to move and lie down a bedroom is ideal(unsurprisingly)

  • Music
  • Gather your favorite tracks

  • Vaporiser
  • Get a sexy vaporiser to enhance your favorite herb

  • Aromatherapy oils
  • Aroma can be one of the most stimulating, deep felt sensations we experience

  • Massage Oil
  • We recommend a high quality massage oil.

  • Your Mind and Body
  • Give your all to the session and see what happens.

Set the pace

The first thing to do is set the space and pace for your #lovingBlyss session. Create a relaxing space with room to move and lie down. Create the mood with soft lightening and use Aromatherapy 2.0 to enhance the mood with essential oils or herbs. Our preferred choice is jasmine try adding Jasmine oil to at potpourri burner, or try scented candles. Make the space luxurious and enticing!
Make sure you have water on hand — to stay hydrated.

Hit the play Button

The mood is enhanced by using your favorite sensual tracks. Luxuriate in the sound and atmosphere you are now ready.

Get comfortable

Wear loose fitting comfortable clothing, maybe add some spice with comfortable sexy underwear for the later reveal. Get Comfortable.
This is when we like to vaporise our favorite herb. There are many ancient herbs with known aphrodisiac qualities. Its your choice but do try some experimentation with different types.

Synchronize your bodies

Lie down facing each other still clothed. Head to head look into each others eyes, they are the gateway to the soul. Really take in the the moment. Feel the herbs and aroma around you! Gently, ever so gently begin to caress each other. Take your time and take turns to really feel the contours of your partners body.
As you relax stop touching your partner and begin to synchronize your breathing. Get closer, head to head and eyes open, gaze into your partners eyes and soul. One of you begins to breathe out as the other breathes in. You are exchanging the very essence of life.
When you are fully in sync we move to the next level.

Move into mindfullness

Adjust your positions, still clothed one partner sits on the edge of the bed in a sitting position. Now move to sit on there lap your legs wrapped around the others body. Face to face adjust so your lips are just touching with mouths slightly open. One partner breathes out as the other breathes in. You exchange your essence while looking into the eyes of the other. Feel their soul, touch it with your mind. Feel the herbs, hear the sounds of your breathing sink back and relax. In the background be aware of the music gently playing run your hand through your partners hair while massaging the base of their spine. Feel the energy flow from your head down your spine to its base. The very backbone of your existence.
Connect your chakras.

Let your feelings flow

Your now relaxed and focused on your partner, the emotions are going to come and go. Don’t ignore them, these are the moment, enjoy them, feel the LOVE.
You are developing the deep spiritual connection we all yearn.

The Big reveal

It’s now time to remove the loose fitting clothing and feel skin to skin contact. Feel the sensual arousal that flows from the closeness. Again sitting on their lap begin to feel the passion rise remember to sync the breathing and look into their eyes as you slowly move in a sensual rhythm.
This time engage in a gentle kiss move slowly and sensually savoir the taste sensation.

Get into massage

Use your favorite massage oil. Begin with soft, tantalising touches of non-erogenous zones. Let the sensations flow up your spine, connect your mind to your intimate body.
Continue to develop the touch let them become deeper and move to the more intimate erogenous areas.

Feel the sensations

You will now feel wrapped up in each other. Your spirits and bodies are connected. the LovingBlyss sensation will sweep over you and the ecstasy will follow.
Let the passion rise.

Melt your souls

The choice is yours let it all go and ignite the full on passion or take time and simmer down. The non release of all that passion can create a really vibrant internal energy that heightens future encounters.

Give it a go

Tell us your story