Firefly 2 Vaporiser

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  • Fantastic Vape
  • Not for everyone
  • Easy to Clean
  • Great Build


Firefly 2 Portable Vaporizer UK

The Firefly 2 has 6 temperature settings controlled by both your app and you can control the heat by touching the sensors on the sides of the unit. It has the ability to reach 205°C / 400°F in just 3 seconds! The Firefly 2 is less then half the weight and two thirds the size of the original Firefly making the new Firefly 2 a real contender for the best vaporizer in 2017.

For a very limited period we have the striking Firefly 2 Special Edition. It is available in two exclusive, stylish colors: Oak and Zebra. The special edition vapes stands out from the rest of the Firefly 2 finishes, if you want a a strikingly unique vape then be sure to grab one while we still have them!

Firefly 2 key features

  • 55% lighter & 33% smaller than the firefly 1
  • Longer life battery for long vape sessions
  • Bluetooth app to enable user vape customisation
  • Six pre-set temp settings that are controlled on smartphone app
  • Firefly 2 concentrate heat setting
  • Borosilicate glass vapor path
  • Magnetic wireless charging cradle with quick charge (full in only 45 minutes)
  • User-replaceable batteries
  • Reach 205°C / 400°F in just 3 seconds!
  • Dual touch sensor activation

Firefly 2 UK – Touch Sensor Control

Similar to the Firefly 1, you can control the heat of the Firefly 2 by touching the sensors. The longer you touch or hold the sensors the hotter the temperature goes. It’s kinda tricky but once you’re used to it it’s a nifty little feature to get the most out of your Firefly 2. Alternatively with this version you can use the App and have the choice between 8 pre-set temperature settings. This is called manual control. One advantage to the manual control is that you can set it to 420°f or 215°c for concentrates. Just remember to lower the heating though when changing back to dried material as you’ll cause combustion at 215°.

Firefly 2 UK – Cradle Charger

The new battery and charging cradle means the Firefly 2 is ready and fully charged in under 40 minutes. The cradle comes with a USB 3.0 that can connect to any cellphone or tablet charger or USB plug adapter. The Firefly 2 Vape battery can be swapped in and out very easily, it can be pulled out and replaced at will. The Firefly vape can also be charged with an external charger which saves a lot of hassle when you are out and about Vaping.

Firefly 2 UK – Swappable Battery

The Firefly 2 Vape comes with two batteries so you can always have a spare one charged and the other in your device, never be caught without your vape ever again! Each Firefly 2 battery can last for roughly 40-80 draws which provides ample time for a good session regardless of your previous Vaping experience (This all depends on your preferred heat settings).

The Firefly 2 UK – Experience

A magnetic lid and borosilicate glass vapour path ensures loading & cleaning the Firefly 2 vape very easy. The mouthpiece can also be removed & has a particulate filter which can be removed and replaced also.

The Firefly 2 UK – Convection Vaping

The Firefly 2 vaporizer uses convection vaporization to evaporate the active ingredients in your dry herbs. It does this by allowing hot air to flow across and though your dry herd in much the same way as a fan oven. This produces a thick, tasty vapor by essentially baking it out of your dry herb.

The Firefly 2 dry herb vape’s unique dynamic convection technology only heats your material as you inhale, allowing you to enjoy the flavors & experience all the active ingredients at the same time they are released. Working with a fully charged battery allows you to vape for an incredible

Pros and Cons to the Firefly 2 Vaporizer UK


  • Sublime Vapor Quality from the Firefly 2 vaporizer – whether its dry herbs or concentrates
  • Battery life lets this vape perform great for both long and short sessions
  • Battery can be easily removed and having a spare battery means you rarely go completely without charge


  • You have to pay for quality

The Firefly 2 Vaporizer UK Smartphone App

One of the most exciting new features that have been introduced with the Firefly 2 Vape is it’s compatibility with the Firefly 2 Smartphone App. This app makes the Firefly 2 so much more accessible to everyday users and allows the users complete control over their vaping experience. The smartphone app enables users to fine tune their Firefly 2’s temperature settings allowing for the most precise vaporiziation. The smartphone app also allows users to switch between Dry Herb mode and Concentrate mode super easily and with little to no effort! There are a few differing heat levels for when the Firefly 2 Vape is switched to Dry Herb mode and there is only one heat level when it is in concentrate mode. Concentrate heat mode is naturally the highest temperature available however be warned that this is not compatible with dry herb as it may lead to burning of your flowers.

Has the Firefly 2 Vape UK got the best Vapor Quality?

The first and original Firefly Vape was renowned worldwide for its outstanding Vapor quality and its predecessor is no different. The vapor produced from this piece is super smooth, tasty and consistent. Also, and this is can be a big deal is that the vapor quality does not diminish when you are smoking either dry herb or concentrates. The Firefly 2 Vape comes with an all borosilicate glass Vapor path which is a massive draw for a lot of users and this combined with the glass chamber leads to having one of the purest and cleanest smokes out there.

Overall the Firefly 2 Vape has top notch vapor quality and is a device which performs above and beyond the lines of duty. This one of the best portable vaporizers on the market at the moment and is on par with a lot of the industry big boys.

What comes in the Firefly 2 UK box?

  • Firefly 2 Vaporizer
  • New Charging Dock
  • USB 3.0 cable
  • 2 X Rechargeable Batteries
  • 1 X Cleaning Kit
  • 3 X Concentrate Pad

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